Ashley Miller

About the Artist

2018 Logo

82nd National Trout Festival​​ 

Kalkaska, Michigan 

Ashley has lived in Kalkaska for 17 years. She met her husband Conrad here 12 years ago, and they have two boys (Isaac and Jackson) who attend Birch Street and Cherry Street schools. While Conrad has lived in Kalkaska his whole life, Ashley grew up near Brighton, MI, but Kalkaska has become her home. She has a love for community events and the small town feel. She helped coach youth soccer for the Kalkaska Area Youth Soccer Organization (KAYSO) for three seasons, and put together Kalkaska’s first 5k Glow Fun Run that brought in hundreds of participants and raised much needed funds for KAYSO. Over the last six years, Ashley has worked at Conrad’s company DataSpade as the Marketing Director, while also offering freelance marketing and graphic design services until recently starting her own local business – Las Vegas Tan & Salon. The Salon has been a dream in the making for over a decade. She partnered with Timberlie Yanz to bring a brand new fresh and modern salon/spa experience to Kalkaska that has been, so far, well received. With the National Trout Festival being such an iconic staple in Kalkaska for many years, Ashley was inspired by the logo contest to develop a new look for this year’s event. Prior to Ashley’s family moving to Kalkaska from Brighton, her family would make annual trips north to participate in the National Trout Festival. It has been a long time tradition that she now enjoys sharing with her family. The carnival is, of course, an easy favorite among her kids, but fishing at the trout pond stands out as the most exciting! Her personal favorite part of the National Trout Festival is the parade. The energy and excitement of the crowd along with watching all the unique floats heading through downtown are always the best parts of trout fest. She loves seeing all the local businesses, organizations, and clubs united with a sense of local pride.

Ashley's sons enjoying Trout Festival activities at the carnival!

April 25th-29th , 2018